Saturday, August 6, 2011

Images in E-Mail

Images in E-Mail
I am sure you would have received E-Mails with images so large in dimension that they jut out far in the empty space in your E-Mail window.

There might also have been times when you would have wondered how to insert your mega-pixel images into E-Mails with reasonable dimensions. There is a very easy way of resizing your images without using any software on your computer! That's right... they can be easily re-sized online at ResizR. The following steps describe in detail how to achieve good looking images for the web:
  • Open ResizR 
  • Select Local and click Browse... Now select the desired image.
  • Use the slider or the entry field to choose the desired width.
  • Use a width that is less than 600 pixels... ideally, around 400 pixels.
  • Click the button that is labeled ResizR (You also have the option to rotate your image before this)
  • Save the resulting image on your computer - now you have a web-friendly image!

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